Find what you want.
Sell what you don't.

Pixsel is a community of friendly people & businesses nearby.

I want to beta test Pixsel and give you brutally honest feedback!*

*Beta testing available for iPhone users only.

Buy & Sell For Business

For Buyers

Ben has been looking for a birthday gift for his bicycle-loving girlfriend.

Rather than scour the city everyday, Ben quickly creates a saved search for "green bike" in Pixsel. Green is his girlfriend's favourite colour.

Ben gets a notification about a green bike listed nearby. He checks it out, comparing it with other green bikes listed in the area. Ben thinks this bike will win him major points with his girlfriend, so he makes Sophie an offer.

Ben suggests they meet at a local cafe to complete the transaction.

For Sellers

Sophie wants to sell her bike and use that money towards her upcoming trip to Thailand.

Sophie lists her beautiful green bike with just a few quick taps. Even though she carefully captured 5 images of her lime green steed, it took her less than 2 minutes to list her bike.

Sophie receives a notification with Ben's offer, the best one so far. She accepts, and a conversation is created between them.

Sophie happily agrees, she's one step closer to sipping drinks on the beach in Phuket.

For Businesses

FortKnight is a men's boutique in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver.

FortKnight lists some of their most popular and unique items quickly using Pixsel.

Patrick's message pops up on FortKnight's web-based communication dashboard. Tyler, the owner of FortKnight, sends a response to Patrick.

Pixsel updates the item as sold, and Tyler puts the guitar aside for Patrick to pick up in store later that day.

For Customers

Using Pixsel, customers can quickly and easily find what they are looking for from stores nearby.

Patrick is on the lookout for a new guitar to add to his collection and spots a red beauty from FortKnight, the Caparison Angelus CL13. He sends a message to ask about some details - he is very picky about his guitars.

Patrick is in love. He quickly and easily makes the payment, after which Pixsel shows him the store location and hours for FortKnight in the app.

Patrick picks up his guitar. It’s even better than he imagined. He loves his new guitar so much, he shares his purchase with all his friends on Facebook.

Pixsel for Business

Pixsel will connect you with an audience of motivated local buyers, and sell your inventory faster.

We will be working with a limited number of launch partners in retail, automotive, and real estate. Interested in being part of the local mobile commerce revolution? Let's get started.